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Welcome to Passive Digital Income

This website was set up to assist those of you interested in information about starting your own small or home-based business, either full time, or as a “side hustle” whilst you hold down your day job.

We supply mainly digital products directly from our company or from our recommended suppliers. These will include some free ditigal products, while others will be competitively priced .

Our service to you includes content rich articles on topics such as

  • Low cost start up Business information
  • Digital and physical information products
  • Digital training courses
  • Recommended networking groups
  • Established Trainers
  • Great service suppliers
  • Recommended websites
  • And generally providing a friendly and supportive environment

Our Marketplace page gives you the low-down on products and services, and our Articles page is a source of informative and inspirational posts all centred on starting and growing your small business. Welcome and enjoy the resources – and get in touch if you have questions or would like to know more on any particular topics.

A selection of recommendations for your small business

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It is all in the mind

If you want to make good money in business one avenue is to identify opportunities which have great potential and if you have knowledge related to that subject along with a positive mindset this makes a great combination. Experts believe that if you find a potential...

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Readers are leaders

If you are thinking about starting your own business it can be very difficult to know where and how to start and even how and where to get help and advice, these questions can hold you back for years the reason being that you don’t know which option to take so you do...

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A complete listing of recommendations can be found on the Marketplace page.

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