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and how we’ll help you to solve the puzzle of making a passive income online

The Aim at Passive Digital Income is to provide all our clients with free or low-cost but valuable and content rich digital and physical products and information, and for us to build a long term business relationship of mutual benefit.

My Journey

and why we want to help you build a passive digital income

You often read or hear the following statement from most people who are transitioning from employee to entrepreneur; “I hated my job” that is a statement I will never make.  Why?  Because I have loved every one of my jobs over the years, and I have had many.

Another boring fact is I have always had more than one job at the same time.  For example, starting as an apprentice HGV Mechanic, van driver, working as a minicab driver, working in K.F.C., working as a stock checker for a contractor with Waterstone  W.H.Smiths book store, worked as an assistant transport manager, Examiner on Shipping Containers, coach driver, HGV Driver, a transport  manager, Office cleaning, a laundry group owner, doing property refurbishment, and a few more titles, not worthy to mention.

But, while I was doing these jobs, I was happy – although here comes the ‘BIG BUT’ I always wanted to work for myself full-time but with less hours and making more money so I came up with a Masterplan while I am still in a job – mean just-over-broke I would look for a franchise, but I soon found out that with limited funds a decent, profitable franchise would start from about 15k to 20k.  I could have scraped the money together but although franchises are one of the safest business models I was still worried that I would still be on the 50 hours per week cycle, most franchises below 12k were like commercial dustbin cleaning, garden maintenance, oven cleaning, house cleaning patio jet washing, window cleaning, domestic ironing service etc.  So, most of these franchises, although they were self-employed, I would be swapping one job for another, which was not what I wanted, so I decided to restart my passion for one of my real love, property.  That’s one subject but, as I said previously, I always need to have a minimum of two jobs on the go simultaneously so I decided to look into the prospect of doing some network marketing, sometimes called Referral Marketing.  (Some people wrongly call these business models a pyramid scheme.)

I investigated many.  Some, ranging from very bad to very good all having their own individual uniqueness.  I went along to many seminars, introductory talks, etc., because I had done my own due diligence.  I made some good decisions as to which to reject and which to go further with.  The one which I chose to join, I am still with them eight plus years later.  I am still involved now jointly with my partner.

Due to my varied experience as an employee, an employer and now an entrepreneur I think I have seen first-hand the pitfalls and opportunities when you start on the convoluted journey to become a successful entrepreneur.  I am aware of helpful resources which will help you to fulfil your dream and make it come alive.  The resources take the format of people, places, platforms and tools.  I want to join you and support you on your journey.

“Your big opportunity may be right where you now.”  ~ Napoleon Hill

Let your journey begin today.

Read more on the blog about my journey.

Lee O. Brooks

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