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planning for money success

If you are thinking of starting or currently in Business some of the core skills that you need to survive the ups and downs of the Business journey are some admin ability, skill, determination,a good product or service, Good marketing policy, and a good portion of...

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Getting rich quick?

Have you ever wondered, if there is a specific formula for getting rich?  Some say yes and others say no.  But, before we discuss this question, please consider this statement … The more people you help, the richer you will become, and remember that riches can be...

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Saving (in) your business

Everyone who is working should save a percentage of their net income on a regular basis.  I think everyone will agree with that statement; where the problems, debates and disagreement start is - I can’t save How much to save I don’t know how to save I don’t get paid...

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Summer Sales

The month of August can seriously damage your health! This is the warning that should be printed on all calendars, diaries and planners etc., because it is without doubt the most dangerous month of the year, for many reasons.  It mentally plays ‘Good Cop’ and ‘Bad...

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Saving time

I decided not to write this blog because I thought it would save myself some time and money. Are there any English speaking, human telephone receptionists still working in the UK for any medium sized company? Large organisations, Local Councils, Banks and Call...

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