If you want to make good money in business one avenue is to identify opportunities which have great potential and if you have knowledge related to that subject along with a positive mindset this makes a great combination. Experts believe that if you find a potential gap in the market you can exploit this niche where others may have missed it and this is partly due to the state of mind.

Creating Wealth is largely based on how you think and not related to your gender, age, race,or level of education,i am aware that  this statement is a very controversial statement but over hundreds of years it has been proven that thinking big normally provides big results and  the opposite also applies ie thinking small normally results in small outcomes hence the famous quote if you think you can you’re right and if you think you

can,t your also right, this shows that your  mind can control your future outcome, so controlling your mind in a positive or negative way will affect the final outcome of your desired action .

To extrapolate this theory to the end degree this would mean where you are today is the direct results of the culmination your thoughts and actions over many previous years  (good or bad) your thoughts have landed

you where you are today,are you happy with your current situation? if you wish to change your circumstances by any amount you can start the process by changing the way you think, Regular and incremental changes

will secure your desired results.this is the ying and yang ie positive thinking brings positive results and positive results ensures more positive thinking and so the cycle continues  so this pattern encourages us to approach each and every situation with a belief that your desired outcome will be achieved however this may not be easy or straightforward but we must deploy the determination to take us through no matter what

obstacles are in our way, with all this positivity you are probably thinking what about when things go wrong or when we encounter bad things the modern word is (challenges) we have to fully acknowledge the

situation and –take any positive outcomes that we can learn from the circumstance,

what steps that we should take to make sure that this challenge cannot be repeated

did your direct or indirect action,or even lack of action bring about this situation

reassess the situation and re-group and continue to move forward

don,t be distracted and continue on the journey


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