If you are thinking about starting your own business it can be very difficult to know where and how to start and even how and where to get help and advice, these questions can hold you back for years the reason

being that you don’t know which option to take so you do nothing but you are always doing research to work out the first steps you should take without making any mistakes so you are going around in an never

ending circle (paralysis by analysis).In situations like this one of the first things you should do is to do something small but more importantly something which makes you uncomfortable this is the starting point for

any new venture to be uncomfortable could be as simple as reading a book on your chosen subject or areas which you wish to move into,if you don’t have a specific interest at this stage try reading a books on

general lifestyle, self-improvement, or business,if you are still struggling to find an idea think about what you would do if you did not have to work, spend 5 minutes on this and write down a quick vision which

will generate some ideas . Three of the best books on this subject that i have read is () The power of positive thinking by ““Norman Vincent Peale

() Rich Dad Poor Dad —-by  Robert Kiosaki

() Awaken the Giant Within—-by Anthony Robbins

Click on the links to make your selection and start your entrepreneurial journey Today

A good starting point if you are not an avid reader is to read a minimum of ten pages of a good book every day perhaps you could break it down into five pages in the morning and five in the evening.

Starting from this achievable base point this will encourage and with a little commitment you could be reading and finishing a short book within one week (celebrate all achievements large and small).

As you can see,gaining knowledge by reading books is a great way to increase your knowledge base but this is often overlooked but as you will find out on your journey some of the biggest and best

business people are avid readers and will read multiple books per week , a point of interest which i must add is that listening to audible comes within this class in fact , listening to books has the added

advantages you can carry a large library “in your phone ” and you can normally increase the speed of the audio to what you find ok, so you have no excuse if you have sight problems or any form word blindness,

listening to cd”s and audiobooks can make your car a mobile university and like in most cases if you are receptive to learning your progress in your chosen field will be much faster if your combine reading with action.

To confirm what many commentators have said before READERS ARE LEADERS .

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